Weddings and Baptisms

If you are thinking about having a wedding or a baptism (christening) in one of our churches – congratulations!  We’d be delighted to help you mark these special moments in life’s journey.


If you would like to get married in Church your first step is to contact the Church Warden (see Who’s Who)of the Parish and they will refer you to the  Rural Dean.

Another good starting point for any questions you may have is to visit where you can find lots of information about all the practical and legal aspects of a Church wedding.

If you are wondering how much it will cost you can find the latest fees here: AMICA Fees sheet


If you would like to book a baptism (christening) for your child – or for yourself, anyone of any age can be baptised – your first step is to contact the Church Warden of the Parish or for Ightfield the Community Chaplain (see Who’s Who).  Baptism services are on Sundays, either in a morning service (dependent on the regular service rota) or in a separate service at 2.30pm (more flexible).

Baptism services usually last 20-30 minutes and there is no fee.  You can find lots more information at